Top 8 Tips to Pass any Salesforce Certification Exam


Taking Salesforce certification exams has become one of the most important parts of your Salesforce career journey. A lot of people have intention to study for their Salesforce Certified exams but have no idea where to start. If you’re one of those who are interested in clearing these Salesforce exams with flying colors, this article is undoubtedly meant for you.

In this article, we have gathered valuable information regarding Salesforce certification exams and tips on how you can pass these exams in the first attempt. Let’s check out our article to see how important Salesforce certifications are and how you can prepare for these exams well.

The importance of Salesforce certifications

Most of the Salesforce companies nowadays consider Salesforce certifications as the required documents for any Salesforce talent who want to step into the field. The salary scale for certified Salesforce professionals is normally much higher compared to non-certified professionals. If you want to develop your Salesforce career, certifications are a must. 

Some other benefits of Salesforce certifications are that you’ll have an in-depth knowledge of your field that will help you in the long run. Also, it will provide you best practices to handle real-life situations.

Your analytical skills will be improved to a large scale and employers will pick you up over non-certified candidates as most of the companies have made it mandatory for getting a job.

Top 8 tips to pass any Salesforce certification exam

Getting your Salesforce certification can transform your career and increase the opportunities of promotions, which allows you to contribute even more to your organization’s success.

Whether you are brand new to Salesforce, or have been thinking about earning your certification for a while, here are 8 tips to help you prepare for any Salesforce certification exam:

Schedule your time and effort

Scheduling your mock exam date, your daily schedule and how to put effort is a great way to keep you motivated and working towards your goal of a Salesforce certification. Having a specific schedule will help you prioritize your studying and keep you focused.

It’s important to allocate enough time to finish studying the harder subjects and questions with more content. Keep in mind that you should never underestimate the time you need to study a particular question, especially if you struggle with it. Give yourself sufficient time to get familiar with the content.

Create tables, summaries and diagrams to help you study better

Making diagrams and creating summaries will help you a lot in managing the huge amount of new information when you study through the certification course.

What’s more, you can try creating some bullet points on each topic for the Salesforce certification exam. For each topic, you get to know a lot of different functionalities, so try to write down their names. Especially some questions will show you some really confusing options regarding the functionality name. 

You might easily get lost and don’t know which the main differences among each type of report are,  what limitations each tool presents and what they are usually used for. Diagrams, summaries, bullet points, schemes, etc. will help you answer these questions. Truly understanding Salesforce tools and its different purposes will be a great help for the questions in which you have to identify the most correct answer.

Study with a friend

Nothing helps more when studying for an exam than having friends to join you on the journey.

You and your friend will balance each other’s weaknesses and complement the strengths. You might be skilled at some areas, while a few areas leave you struggling. Pair up with the right friend and you can help each other become successful with the Salesforce certification exam. 

Your friend can help you understand the field level security to study for the Salesforce Admin certification exam, and conversely, you can help him out with platform app builder and salesforce.com if he wants to get an advanced developer certification.

Seek for help from Salesforce community

Finding a Salesforce community to help you learn difficult concepts and clarify the subject matter is essential. 

There are a lot of great community resources and experts available on Facebook and LinkedIn. You can focus your efforts on finding a list of community sites and resources that you think are well worth your time and help you make good progress in the Salesforce certification exam

Anytime you have questions or difficulties with the course, you can ask other study group members and the facilitator to talk about your homework, ask questions and so on.

Work hard on the practice tests

Only attending is not enough for passing your exams. You should make sure that all the revision and practice tests are completed on time. 

The practice exams are really useful, not only for helping you understand if you’re ready for the real thing, but also help you get familiar with the question format, and how the material you studied translates into a practical scenario.

Even if you have already answered some of the questions, don’t be afraid of repeating them. This makes you more used to and comfortable with the way the questions are asked. 

Also, when you get one answer wrong, make sure you truly understand why you failed it and what is the reasoning behind the correct answer.

Test your knowledge regularly

Along with learning the chapters and taking practice tests, it is also important to keep on testing the knowledge you truly have obtained from it. 

Most of the applicants picking a Salesforce certificate just check on the timetable, as well as check the due dates about their learning and examination. However, the material in the course can help you in future career development. It is also useful in getting the most recent information and understanding of the Salesforce field, so you want to make the most of it. 

Testing your knowledge regularly by recalling and applying your knowledge into making your job easier and more effective. That’s how you can understand it deeply and remember it well.

Take time to relax

Focusing on yourself too much with a lot of material might affect the results. Therefore, it is essential to schedule a time each day to relax your brain and body. 

It’s recommended from experts to take some good rest for no less than seven days before the examination. Spend less hours on thinking about the exam on the final days before the exam and give your body required hours of rest and unwind. 

What’s more, take care of your eating routine to maintain a strategic distance from any medical issues during examination days.

Don’t let a failed attempt discourage you

You should view your first Salesforce certification exam as a way to get a feel for the process. Whether you are taking your exam in a testing center, or through the online course, the process can be a little unfamiliar. In addition, you have to learn the types of questions Salesforce asks, the way it expects answers, and time management.

Getting a feel for the process and the exam is important, and is really the goal of your first attempt. If you pass your first time, that is a great achievement. If you don’t, you know how to analyze your weakness and prepare with double enthusiasm the next time. Exams are the best phase to acknowledge yourself in the areas where you can improve and put in your best.


We are sure that you will leave no chance and will prepare for your exams to the best of your ability. By getting your Salesforce Certifications, you’ve taken a great step forward in building your Salesforce knowledge, demonstrating that you not only know the basics, but you’ve gone above and beyond to become the go-to resource for all things related to Salesforce in your organization. Plus it will show your manager and everyone at your organization that you are serious about boosting your career, and becoming a leader and resource for all things related to Salesforce.

These exams are tough but once you pass them, you’ll stand out of the competition.