Salesforce Job Search Strategies during Coronavirus Break


The coronavirus concern has been spreading like wildfire and it’s causing some major issues for both employers, employees, and job seekers. Some companies are experiencing hiring freezes, alternative interviewing setups (i.e. video interviewing vs. face-to-face), and even layoffs as a result of this pandemic.

For many people who are job hunting, conducting a job search amid all the heartache surrounding these current times is especially tough—whether you are among the unemployed or those whose work may be in peril. But unprecedented times, experts say, may apparently call for some helpful -hunting strategies.

If you’re current Salesforcce job seekers or first time workers, how do you keep moving forward if you don’t know where you’re going, and don’t know any important job search strategies?

What are the Salesforce Job Search strategies during Coronavirus break?

Reset your expectations

Many Salesforce professionals said their top work goal for 2020 was to find a new job or to change their career. But with analysts warning of a coronavirus pandemic, job seekers may end up being “stuck” home. That new job or new career you were counting on could be delayed for months or even longer.

One of the best job search strategies for successful job seekers now, except outside of actively reaching out to your network, is to keep a positive mindset and change your expectations. Meanwhile, as a job seeker, you should keep in mind that job postings in this environment, to the extent that they occur, can change faster than before.

Use Online Networking

Take advantage of the fact that many people are suddenly working from home. You might not be able to meet up for coffee, but a great job search strategy for you is to reach out to those in your network who may be socially isolating using social media or LinkedIn. Keeping professional contacts and setting up calls with target employers will not only keep you at the forefront of their minds but might be just what someone working from home needs to break up their day.

There are different effective job search strategies, but instead of submitting hundreds of resumes online, you can do some specific research and use this time to introduce yourself over email, research the job market and ask out a professional on a virtual coffee date. 

Search for and reconnect with people who are already in your network, use LinkedIn to share content that support your professional career (this will help people remember your expertise), and invite people who work at your target companies to connect.

Sharpen your skills

Under normal circumstances, daily routines and commutes often get in the way of pursuing new learning and development goals. Now is an ideal time to develop a good strategy in identifying your skills gaps, and enhancing your professional skills. With schools and offices closed, you may want to search for a some useful e-learning courses.

What’s more, many teachers and seasoned professionals are offering free live streams of informative content. Prioritize online courses you’ve been putting off and learn new skills as much as possible is definitely a great strategy for you to enhance your job search in the near future.

Advance your resume 

Resume writing is both an art and a science. In order to build your job search strategy and stand out during the application process, it’s imperative that you have a polished, professional-looking resume that is written with both the hiring bots and the employer specific research in mind. When you search for remote jobs, in or out of your industry, and decide to apply, you want to read the job description carefully and showcase those skills that match the job description. 

During this coronavirus pandemic, it’s really important to consider earning professional credits and certifications to make your resume look better.  Once you receive those merits, update your resume along with up-to-date job titles, previous work experience, samples of your work, and fresh, eye-catching design. 

Make an introduction video

If you don’t have an introduction video, you should definitely think about creating one. It’s one of the best way to make your job search strategy successful and to be fully in control of how you communicate your value to a hiring manager and find a great new job. 

During the job searching process, it will be an invaluable tool. But once you have it created, you’ll start to find many uses for it. It can replace the cover letter and it’s easy to post on social media. Make sure it’s accessible through your LinkedIn profile. An “About Me” style video can leave a lasting impression, help you showcase your creativity and instantly build rapport with a hiring manager without having to meet him or her in person.

Prepare for online interviews

Many professional organizations are requiring their current employees to work remotely, and even if not, they aren’t likely to invite you into the office or out to dinner or lunch for an interview. Expect to be invited to a video interview and be prepared when a request comes in. In fact, preparing for an online interview is a really effective job search strategy as it helps you to self-assess how you perform in any interview.

Asking a friend or family member to test out a video call for five minutes so you can check your audio, your mic level, whether your internet connection is good. You should dress professionally, as you would for any other full-time job interview.

Be ready to work from home

Working from home is a skill in and of itself. And while the length of this pandemic is unknown, it’s important to stay productive since every project you complete is more crucial to your company’s bottom line. So before doing job hunting, you want to maintain regular hours and treat your day as you would if you were going into the office. 

Create a dedicated space for your work, set ground rules with family members, schedule breaks, and try to stay consistent.


The bottom line is that hiring is slowing down but, in many cases, job seekers know that they can still make things happen even when things are tough by having proactive job search strategies.

There are still jobs out there. Be patient, persistent, and flexible. Just because some companies aren’t hiring now or have laid off employees doesn’t mean they won’t be recruiting in the future. By using a successful job search and following these strategies, when they do start looking for top talent, you’ll be ready. 

Stay healthy and productive, everyone!