We help Salesforce Professionals feel confident about their Career path!

How Cloud Talent 360 Started...

Cloud Talent 360 was founded by Martin Gessner and Jay Sen.

Martin Gessner is a leader in the Salesforce Community.  As the founder of Focus On Force, Martin has helped thousands of students successfully prepare for Salesforce certifications.  Martin has a background as a Salesforce Consultant and hiring and managing Salesforce talent.

Jay Sen is a founder of an international recruiting firm, a career coach, and a business mentor.  He has a background in executive management with the Fortune 500.

Together Martin and Jay provide a comprehensive step-by-step to reach your Salesforce Career Goals.

Our Services

We provide our students with coaching sessions and career management programs to guide them through obstacles and reach their career goals faster.

We have several packages with pricing plans ranging from $300 to $8,000, live chat support and a community to connect with.

We provide the "Salesforce Career Accelerator" with the aim of maximizing your Salesforce career.

Our Core Values
Career Success
Help people accelerate their career
Help people recover from challenges & work blunders
Help people feel confident about their career & enjoy it
Help people maximize their career potential

Some notes from the


“Instead of wishing and hoping to get promoted, you should know exactly what experience is needed for each level, the typical years of experience that you will need, and make a plan to achieve your goals. That is the top-level secret of getting success in your Salesforce career journey.” – Jay Sen

“People are being held back in their career owing to so many reasons. It’s rough to see professionals struggle to uplevel their career success and reach their potential. This guide was built in order for you to identify and get rid of that headache.”  – Martin Gessner

Let's secure that Salesforce job!

Grow Your Career with our Career Growth Programs!

Interview Prep Guide

Present Yourself Better

Make your qualifications stronger and enhance your confidence

Build Rapport

Create a good impression on the Interviewer & build rapport with them

Better Job Offer

Learn a lot of useful tips to show your value and impress your Interviewer 

Career Path Guide

Build a Strong Career foundation

Make your qualifications stronger and ensure steady career growth

Identify Career Opportunities

Maximize your career potential by expertly identifying growth opportunities

Accelerate Your Career Growth

We help you focus on the key points you need to speed-up your career progress